Marche Region’s presentation on ERDF new calls

On 21 October 2016, the Marche Region presented to Jesi, at the Teatro Moriconi, the new tenders for companies, consortia of companies, professionals and public bodies, whose release is expected for the month of November. The meeting was characterized by the presence of a rather large audience, consisting mainly of industry employees and business representatives.
The manager of community policies, dott. Terzoni presented in a general form the current state of ERDF programming, to which over 300 million euro have been allocated over a period of time from 2015 to 2020, with the possibility of extending activities until 2023.
He then gave the floor to the officials responsible for the various measures that detailed the announcements of forthcoming publication, which specifically concern:
– the activation of small businesses and micro-enterprises with innovative Start Up features (available for € 8 million);
– the launching of businesses and cultural projects able to link the local cultural heritage with the production companies present on the regional territory (4.7 million);
– financial support for activities, including small businesses, aimed at promoting the internationalization and export of small businesses and their consortia (€ 2 million and € 430 thousand);
– the development of plans and investments aimed at energy saving for businesses and public bodies (around 10 million).
Detailed information on calls for proposals can be found at

Our company is able to support companies and public bodies involved in the preparation and presentation of applications for access to finance.

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