OCR: a useful tool to manage documents

OCR (optical character recognition) is a very useful tool, for example when we find forms in PDF (Portable Document Format) format and we would like to reproduce it perhaps with a text editor, in order to be able to customize or reuse it with modifications.

It is true that there are programs and applications that allow this conversion, but they are often expensive and not always easy to use.

Using an online application that allows you to quickly convert a pdf into an immediately usable text could save us a lot of time.

We have tested several services of this type, but we feel, after a dozen tests and comparisons, to recommend PDF to Word which allows you to scan a free package of documents, among other things, allowing you to store them on the platform and therefore always have them available online.

If you then need to increase your scans, you are offered other scans with extremely convenient packages (100 pages at 7 euros). It seems like a good offer.

The recognition accuracy of the OCR by PDF to Word is really very good, even with typed texts: obviously you have to take care to make a good quality scan, let’s say at least at 300 dpi.

Once you take your hand, the work cycle becomes very fast and with decidedly high results. Seeing is believing.

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